September 26, 2020

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ABA Winners 2018 John Aung Zaw Oo - AGLP LSE 2019 Testimonial

AGLP 2018 Scholar John Aung Zaw Oo from Myanmar attended the ASEAN Global Leadership Program (AGLP) held at the London School of Economics and Political Science from 25th to 29th March 2019.

John was among the group of 35 ASEAN delegates attending the week-long AGLP in the LSE. The program was deemed to be very successful in meeting the learning objectives and expectation of the delegates. The week-long program comprise a very interesting and impactful agenda comprising classroom lectures, panel discussion with industry experts and corporate leaders, company visit to Google UK Campus, a business networking event at the Institute of Directors , and a tour cum dining experience in the Houses of Parliament.

John had found the program extremely beneficial for his personal development and exposure, and also a great opportunity for networking with his fellow classmates from the other ASEAN countries.

Below is a full statement from John regarding his personal experience and feelings about the AGLP that he attended in LSE.

I like AGLP program at LSE very much. I gained a lot of motivational insights and internationally up-to-date business knowledge, business behavior and good managerial and leadership practices through the program. I am particularly impressed by the four pillars of AGLP – Globalization, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership which are practical, very informative and beneficial both for individual personality development as well as for contribution in business relations in my country. I am convinced more on the globalization and localization concepts which are really needed to update in our business to keep abreast with the trends of the world economics and I am determined to apply them locally in my organization back in my country.
What I like most in AGLP program is that it provides not only the theoretical learning experiences and soft skills through well-prepared lectures and classes conducted by the well learned professors, but also the program offers business seminars, experience sharing and talk sessions with the successful business leaders. These extra-lecture activities inculcate the most prevailing business psychologies and conceptualizations which a business man must always develop in mind.
Another good point that I am grateful to AGLP program at LSE is that it creates networks with top-business leaders, especially from ASEAN countries who participated in the program. I believe in the importance of networks for sustainability and growth in all businesses, especially and importantly to me as an agricultural supply chain businessman dealing from farmers to overseas end-customers. I got my networks being enlarged by attending the AGLP program. To be honest, that was absolutely beyond my expectations and I felt so much worthwhile to have joined the AGLP program at LSE. Moreover, it renews and strengthens my perspectives about the important role of digitalization and data technology in contemporary world economics.
In conclusion, I gained invaluable resources and informative business knowledge. I am more confident that I will be able to lead my business with better efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing these refreshed knowledge, renewed business insights and full-fledged globalization concepts.  I would be most happy and willing to share about the AGLP program and learning experiences to the people working with me in my company, to my friends and business acquaintance and partners. I will recommend them to join the AGLP program as well. Last, but not the least is my special thanks to the LSE and SRW&Co. for making this program into a real impactful learning experience for me and for the other ASEAN leaders.
John Aung Zaw Oo
Founder & Chairman
Aung Naing Thitsar Co., Ltd.