January 17, 2019

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Thai Leader Visits NZ and Indonesia Update from the NZ Inc Team

Thai Leader Visits NZ in March - Khun Anutin

Save the Date

We are honoured to have the renowned Thai Political and Business Leader, Khun Anutin, visiting NZ for a series of visits and calls.  We have been fortunate enough to secure him for a Question and Answer round table session, followed by lunch and networking.  Find out more about Khun Anutin, HERE.

Date: Friday, 16 March

Time: Event begins at 12pm sharp

Venue: MFAT Auckland. Level 6, 139 Quay St.

Registrations opening soon


Indonesia Update from the NZ Inc Team

Watch this space

After the success of the recent Manila and Singapore Vid-Con events, please make sure you register quickly for our FREE Indonesia Market Update coming in early March.  Ambassador Trevor Matheson and Trade Commissioner Diana Permana in Indonesia will come to us direct via video link PLUS time for networking with your colleagues and a light lunch.  Discussion will cover;

1. The Indonesia/New Zealand 60th Anniversary and what this practically means for NZ:  

2. The Indonesia market: what are the opportunities and challenges for New Zealand business?

Please note that, as usual, this is a limited numbers event.

Date: early March (TBC)

Time: 12pm start, with light lunch

Venue: MFAT Auckland, 139 Quay St, level 6

Registrations opening soon


Non-ASEAN NZ Business Council Events


A breathtaking circus with a dazzling array of juggling, balancing, contortion and daring feats, A O LANG PHO is a charming new work by French-Vietnamese company Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam, set to steal the hearts of audiences at Auckland Arts Festival this March 15-18 at The Civic. View trailer here . On sale now www.aaf.co.nz   

Contact the ED (lbell@asean.org.nz) for opportunities to network with the Auckland University MBA programme participants before the show.

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